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Social Responsibility

Information technology has the power to transform how the world approaches environmental challenges. The Academy sees the Internet and networking technology at the heart of a global technological ecosystem where people and businesses can begin to work, live, play, and learn in new and more sustainable ways.


Connections Enabled By Network Technology

The Academy envisions the network as the basis to connect:

  • Devices to measure, monitor and manage energy consumption
  • People without the need for travel
  • Ideas generated by people and organizations to help overcome social problems
  • Information technology systems to conserve energy and natural resources through virtualization strategies


At The Academy, our approach to environmental sustainability is to:

  • Affect how we operate as a company
  • Create efficiencies and innovations in our products
  • Provide environmentally conscious solutions to our customers
  • Collaborate with customers, industry groups, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and employees to address global environmental issues