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i-TechMentor is an exclusive service in which one of our world-class Instructors is onsite at your facility to help guide you through a project or new technology deployment where you need expert-level assistance. The advantage of i-TechMentor versus consulting is that your team is still the paramount factor - our expert Instructor assists by providing hands-on, real-time, highly-customized training, rather than consulting where the implementation is done with little or no knowledge transfer. i-TechMentor is a premium training that offers the highest level of customized training we can deliver.

Our exclusive i-TechMentor service gives you personalized access to highly trained experts to help maximize learning in the following ways:

Learning Support

Take advantage of these services to increase the return on your educational investments by tailoring learning paths, curriculum and delivery to fit your unique environment.

Training Customization

Building personalized learning paths for individuals, departments and or project teams is the next step. Instructors will craft a learning program that matches the preferred learning styles and needs of your staff with the best available training media. Our services include:

  • Skills Assessment
  • Instructor Led Training (Hands-On)
  • Self-study
  • On-line Learning
  • Instructor Mentoring
  • Real world best practices


One-on-One Mentoring

A few hours of one-on-one mentoring with seasoned instructors provides the perfect complement to a hands-on course. Our services include:

  • Management mentoring, a high level review of technical topics designed to improve decision-making and reveal potential issues and concerns.
  • Technical mentoring, which consists of personal mentoring intended to fill knowledge gaps and optimize job performance. (Certification coaching and review are also effective in this format.)
  • User mentoring, which involves shadowing and training users at their desktops on how to use the new technology productively.


Skills Assessment

Skills assessment enables you to determine your employees' current skills, identify individual, project and organizational skill needs and eliminate the gaps that exist between them. Our instructors perform management, technical staff and end user interviews to catalogue your current skills inventory and then compare it with current and future environmental requirements. With this information, you can:

  • Define the most effective, lowest cost learning path
  • Identify specific skills needed by specific employees
  • Create effective employee development plans
  • Track employee skills development


Seminars and Workshops

Keeping current with technological change is a continuous process. After learning core skills in hands-on courses, one of the best ways to stay current is through short seminars and workshops that focus on technical issues specific to your organization. On-site seminars and workshops save time and money, and they extend the benefits of the learning process long after the course is over. These include:

  • Delta workshops teach specific new features of a product upgrade.
  • Integration seminars overcome technical obstacles of integrating multiple technologies, protocols and standards and may also include an optional lab component.
  • Application development workshops explore available development tools, standards, and techniques necessary to build your application. Instructors will validate and discuss the specific capabilities of Visual Basic, Visual C++ and SQL Server in context of your application.


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