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The CCE Bootcamp is a solid, foundational training class in digital forensics that prepares and qualifies students for the Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) examination process. A brand new updated version was implemented in the Spring of 2014, the course now includes a mobile forensics module. Hands on instruction supplements detailed lecture and real world practical exercises. The practical exercises reinforce examination concepts and offer practice of practical skills in a controlled environment. Fictional, yet realistic case scenarios are used throughout the class, building upon each concept taught and concluding with a comprehensive hard disk drive examination.    

Report writing skills are taught and reinforced through instructor review and critique. Course completion requires the submission of a minimum of three examination reports during class time or within the 6 weeks additional instructor support provided to every student at the conclusion of each training class. This additional instruction time ensures that every student has the opportunity to develop strong report writing skills. CCE Bootcamp instructors are highly qualified, experienced Certified Computer Examiners (CCE). Their hands on, dynamic approach makes the CCE Bootcamp training experience second to none. All instructors have impressive professional experience as digital forensics examiners, both civil and criminal.


Approximately 40% of the CCE BootCamp consists of hands-on, comprehensive practical exercises. Successful course completion requires the submission of at least three written reports based on the results of specific practical exercises. These reports may be submitted to the instructors during the training class or within the 6 weeks of additional instructor support provided at the conclusion of the training class.  Students must have strong computer skills, including the ability or desire to work outside the Windows GUI interface and work with computer hardware. The online multiple choice portion of the CCE certification test is administered at the end of each CCE BootCamp.

Training materials are provided in advance of the training for student review prior to the start of the classroom training. Upon enrollment, students are subscribed to the CCE Bootcamp Student Listserv that provides both administrative, technical and training support between the ISFCE and all enrolled students. The forensic software necessary to complete this course and Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) exam is provided with this training.

After successful completion of the CCE Bootcamp, students must contact the ISFCE to initiate the application and registration process for the CCE certification test (www.isfce.com)

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